Delahoy's Mile

(C) Copyright 1970 Robert Gordon Delahoy
and Roger Vaughan Carr.



Robert Gordon Delahoy
Roger Vaughan Carr
30 August 1975

'Delahoy's Mile' is a factual account of life in the Mallee. A series of true happenings amongst the family and friends of the author on their 640 acre wheat farm, and in the surrounding towns.

The Author, who was born and reared in the Mallee country of Victoria, has only the greatest admiration for these people about whom he writes, and the pioneers who came before them to open up the country.

How they struggled and fought to overcome the many adversities which overtook them should, he feels, be recorded and not lost.

This story would only be like the stories of thousands of families who paved the way for others to follow. But, needless to say, thousands of stories will not be recorded, and only for the enthusiasm of the writer, my very good friend Roger Vaughan Carr, a truly great Australian, this story would never have been written.

R.G. Delahoy
22 November 1970



Chapter 1: Jeparit 1902 - Woomelang 1912-13

Chapter 2: Woomelang - Speed 1914

Chapter 3: Speed 1914

Chapter 4: Speed 1915

Chapter 5: Speed 1915 – 1916

Chapter 6: Speed – Melbourne 1916

Chapter 7: Speed – Sea Lake

Chapter 8: Speed - Woomelang

Chapter 9: Speed

Chapter 10: Speed 1916

Chapter 11: Speed

Chapter 12: Speed 1916-17

Chapter 13: Speed 1917

Chapter 14: Speed – Merbein 1917

Chapter 15: Speed - Ouyen

Chapter 16: The Last Hundred Yards